My son who incurred a traumatic brain injury was marked by a stripper in an area club and he withdrew 56,000.00 from our account. he was targeted.

Asked on Mar 14th, 2017 on Consumer Fraud - Tennessee
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At this establishment he was given alcohol and the stripper went behind the club to get monies for private dances. She claimed he had to pay her 3,000.00 per VIP dance and there are other sordid details. I have filed a police report. Sad thing is that these monies were for a final eye socket repair which we now have no money for. Surely the biggest strip club in Nashville cannot allow their patrons to be stolen from, or price gouged or advised as how to override a bank account. But I believe that my child was targeted. The point is that he was a victim and I would like to sue the club. I would guess that the stripper is long gone. But they permitted her to give him liquor although he did not order drinks. She advised him to give her monies with the lure of sex but this never occurred. Do i have a case against the club.?
Answered on Mar 15th, 2017 at 12:03 AM
Yes you probably have a case but I need more information. Call me at your convenience.
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