How can I receive my money back from Southeastern Federal Credit Union?

Asked on Mar 12th, 2017 on Consumer Fraud - Tennessee
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On February 24,2016 I walked into my bank in Valdosta, Georgia at 9:30 am I asked the bank to close my account and get my tax refund which was deposited the day before well first the associates told me since your going so far Just get 2500 hmmm sounded a little fishy to me I returned a hour later and got the remaining balance they say was 4066 which was a lie my tax refund was 7551 but the bank claimed I only had 6500 left how is that I owed the bank 78 dollars previous I called everyday to check and that what is was but when that checked came they took over 821 and still lied about my amount my GA check came a week before they took the 78 dollars out of that and still was very rude and nasty about the whole situation the bank teller made a very racists remark okay they still got a printed paper they mailed still not the correct amount that came in it's awful to treat a customer like that they owe me almost 900 and I want my money right is right wrong Is wrong.
Answered on Mar 12th, 2017 at 6:33 AM
I makes it a whole lot easier to understand if you learn to use punctuation and capital letters for the first word of a sentence in your writing. I can't understand from your description if you got all of your money back on not. If not, then you need to file a complaint with whatever state board regulates banks in Georgia.
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